Autism Ready – Education

Sadly, most educators have no general awareness education about autism nor the impact it has on learning and executive level cognitive deficits. This module helps educators better understand and support students with autism.

Instructions for completing this course
Autism touches a lot of lives
Autism Awareness Pre-Training Survey

Training Objectives
What is Autism?
A spectrum disorder
Play along with us!
Phew! It's over.
Processing at the speed of life
Processing takes longer
Autism can be deceptive
What have we learned about autism?

Stress on parents
The Family Next Door visits Disney
Disney disappointment
We can do better
Stimming video
Change your perspective
What did you hear?

Let's dig a little deeper
Brain break!
Let's review

Stimming wrap up
More pro-active ideas
What to do if a meltdown occurs
Anchoring the learning.

Did we accomplish our objectives?
Autism Awareness Post Training Survey
Thank you for attending

$597.00 / year

empower your employees

Why get Autism training

Did you know that prior to training 47% of employees feel uncomfortable serving people with autism?

  • National and International promotion of your participation in the Autism Travel Card
  • Listing on the online directory of certified
    businesses with outbound link to the resort.
  • Awareness stickers for doors
  • Online badges for websites and social media.
  • Quarterly reports on employee training status.
  • Easy access to training for all employees with online learning modules.

After the training 98% of employees feel comfortable serving people with autism

The Autism Travel Club educates and empowers communities, businesses, and organizations to promote autism awareness and create supportive and judgment-free experiences for people living with autism.

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