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The problem

Autism Families Can't Travel

Imagine a family longing for a memorable vacation, but constant worry clouds their plans. This is the reality for many autism families who crave travel experiences yet struggle to find destinations that cater to their needs. Sensory overload, lack of understanding, and limited support can turn a dream vacation into a stressful ordeal.

Your Destination can BE the Change!

1 in 36

children in the US have Autism*

Empowering cities to create inclusive travel for autistic individuals and their families.

Steps To Your
Autism Ready Destination

Together, we can make travel experiences more accessible, enjoyable, and fulfilling for everyone.
Take the first step towards becoming an advocate for autism inclusivity – sign up today and be a part of the change!

Benefits of Autism Readiness

What are the benefits of being an Autism Ready destination? Learn about DEIB objectives and market niche.

Goals for Your Destination

Create economic impact for members, provide relief, increase autistm travel to your destination

What Makes Your Destination

Why should our families go to your destination? What's unique about it? What are some must-sees?

Travel Methods to your Destination

Describe the travel methods that families can use to travel to you

Do airport(s) and stations have sensory rooms?

Let's find out together how we can create sensory friendly spaces.

How will you educate the public?

If you’re inviting the autism world to come to your location, the public needs to know who is coming and how to treat them.

Where to Stay, Eat, Play for Our Families

With this goal we create sensory friendly experiences in Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions

Best Times to Travel for Our Families

When is your High Season? When is your Shoulder season?

make a difference

Help Brady come to your destination

an inspiring autism travel story

Unlock Autism Tourism: Attract More Visitors By Becoming an Autism Friendly & Ready DMO. Our autism-ready training empowers destinations to create welcoming experiences for autistic travelers. Increase tourism revenue & boost your reputation. Schedule a Free Consultation!

Empower Your Destination with Autism-Ready Training

Here's the Opportunity You're Missing

The autism travel market is booming, with families seeking inclusive destinations

But are you capturing your share? Without proper training, your city or DMO risks missing out on this valuable travel segment.

Through our Autism Traveler mobile app we empower families to travel to Autism Ready destinations around the US. Your Destination Can Be Among Them!

Increased Tourism Revenue: Attract a new segment of eager travelers.

Some of our success stories

DMO success stories

Myrtle Beach is one the first Autism-Friendly US location

Be part of the change

Our CEO, Becky Large, helped pave the way for putting autism on the map. Join her and the AutismTravel.Club team to create more Autism Friendly travel destinations around the world!

They trust us

empowering autism families to travel

Here's what some of
our families are saying:​


families served since 2016

“This is an amazing program and I’m SO happy to see it, our son is almost 16 (he will be 16 right after we leave Myrtle) and it’s so great to see so many places finally realizing these kids need a few accommodating things just to help them cope & it makes our lives as parents much easier (not to mention helps our other kids be able to enjoy a family outing with less outbursts!) [...]”
Jamie Culley
“We want to give our kids the experience most other kids have, even if it is emotionally draining, and programs like this make us feel as if we are not alone.”
Andy Reithel

empowering local businesses

Here's what some of
our Businesses are saying:


businesses served since 2016

“What an amazing opportunity we had to go through the autism readiness training. I am a proud mom of a boy with Autism and I was very surprised about the new information I learned. I was also so excited to see how many other people were learning about ASD and ASD families [...].

Education and awareness are needed so badly and your program has given it to myself and to my second family that I work with everyday. As a General Manager I am beyond excited for the opportunities ahead for my staff and guests to have amazing interactions with each other. As an ASD mom I am blessed that you are fighting the fight we all need.”
Sabrina D. Hilliard
General Manager
“I really don’t know how to put into words how important awareness and understanding are for those living with autism and how important this is to me personally. I feel that

The training opened up many eyes and minds on how individuals, families, children and adults deal with autism on a day to day basis and also how we can help to facilitate these families, adults and children to have the most exciting, fun-filled and enjoyable vacation experience ever!
Christina Devlin
Human Resources professional

What kind of training can your Destination receive?

Autism Awareness
Education Providers
First Responders
Short Term Rentals

Autism Ready Training Demo

Get a FREE sneak peak into our programs!  This 8-minute module provides a preview of our autism readiness training program.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – ATC Hotels I

87% of families with autism do not take vacations – YOU can change that. Through this module you empower your staff to support and accommodate families with autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – Hotels Level II

Get your resort/hotel to the next level! Let’s focus on the individual family members and how resort staff can better understand and support them.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Restaurants

Hustle and bustle, that’s what restaurants are all about—not necessarily a great thing for people with autism. This module provides direction on how to serve and support people with autism while at your establishment.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Retail

Think about it, your store is filled with all kinds of wonderful things—so much to see! Not necessarily a great thing for someone with autism. This module gives insight about autism and how your staff can be of assistance.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – General

Designed for the lay-person and those in professional services this module provides information about autism through the lifespan and how to better identify and support people living with autism.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Activities Providers

Fun! Delivering it in a group setting is what your activity providers do, however, group settings can be challenging for someone with autism. This module provides in-depth understanding and tips on how to manage someone with autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – First Responders

Sometimes initial interaction with someone on the autism spectrum is counter intuitive to first responder training. The goal of this module is to provide information on what might seem as someone who is being oppositional but may have autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – Education

Sadly, most educators have no general awareness education about autism nor the impact it has on learning and executive level cognitive deficits. This module helps educators better understand and support students with autism.

$49.95 / year

Autism Ready Short-Term Rentals – Individual Property

The Autism Travel Club and Becoming rentABLE, the Accessible Short-term rental experts, have come together to help you make your property and listing Autism Ready. This module will provide insight into some accommodations you can or may have, providing families with autism an opportunity to have a vacation at a “home-away-from-home.”

$449.00 / year

Autism Ready Short-Term Rentals – Property Management

Gain access to 10 individual property seats to the short-term rental autism readiness module.

The Autism Travel Club and Becoming rentABLE, the Accessible Short-term rental experts, have come together to help you share and prepare your owners to make their properties and listings Autism-Ready. The module will provide insight into some accommodations owners can or may have, providing families with autism an opportunity to have a vacation at a “home-away-from-home.”

$1,499.00 / year

Autism Ready – Resorts Bundle

Make sure your Resort’s operational centers (Hotel, Restaurant, Activities, Security and Retail outlets) are Autism Ready and Aware with this Resorts Bundle.

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