Did You Know That 87% of Families With Autism Do Not Travel?



The Autism Travel Club provides autism readiness training for hospitality organizations, corporations, and essential workers.

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Did you know that prior to training 47% of employees feel uncomfortable serving people with autism?

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After the training 98% of employees feel comfortable serving people with autism

The Autism Travel Club educates and empowers communities, businesses, and organizations to promote autism awareness and create supportive and judgment-free experiences for people living with autism.

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How Ready Are You To Serve People With Autism?

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Discover if your business is ready to embrace and serve autism families! Take our FREE Autism Readiness Test today and ensure that your establishment provides an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Training Modules

Autism Awareness
Education Providers
First Responders
Short Term Rentals

Autism Ready Training Demo

Get a FREE sneak peak into our programs!  This 8-minute module provides a preview of our autism readiness training program.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – ATC Resorts I

87% of families with autism do not take vacations – YOU can change that. Through this module you empower your staff to support and accommodate families with autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – Resorts Level II

Get your resort/hotel to the next level! Let’s focus on the individual family members and how resort staff can better understand and support them.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Restaurants

Hustle and bustle, that’s what restaurants are all about—not necessarily a great thing for people with autism. This module provides direction on how to serve and support people with autism while at your establishment.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Retail

Think about it, your store is filled with all kinds of wonderful things—so much to see! Not necessarily a great thing for someone with autism. This module gives insight about autism and how your staff can be of assistance.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – General

Designed for the lay-person and those in professional services this module provides information about autism through the lifespan and how to better identify and support people living with autism.

$297.00 / year

Autism Ready – Activities Providers

Fun! Delivering it in a group setting is what your activity providers do, however, group settings can be challenging for someone with autism. This module provides in-depth understanding and tips on how to manage someone with autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – First Responders

Sometimes initial interaction with someone on the autism spectrum is counter intuitive to first responder training. The goal of this module is to provide information on what might seem as someone who is being oppositional but may have autism.

$597.00 / year

Autism Ready – Education

Sadly, most educators have no general awareness education about autism nor the impact it has on learning and executive level cognitive deficits. This module helps educators better understand and support students with autism.

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Did you know that 87% of people with Autism do not travel?

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